Waiting list and why we have one…..

In today’s day in age, we as a population are used to getting what we want when we want it. This leaves many potential customers wondering why they can’t just get in at Blue JJ. The reasons are simple, “Numbers” & “Club”. Firstly we have to keep our numbers in order to ensure proper instruction and attention. Sure we could have an instructor standing at the front of a gym teaching thirty students but how could that one instructor correct students in that type of ratio. The answer is they couldn’t.

Secondly, we are a club and not run as a business. We all have other jobs and don’t care about making huge profits with Jiu Jitsu. We run our programs because we want to and not because we need to. Expenses are fairly low which allows us to keep our student to instructor ratio low. There is no doubt, by the amount of interest, that we could make more money but we aren’t interested in that. We attend because we are having fun. When it stops being fun, we will stop as well. At least twice a year, senior belts gather to discuss the future direction of the club as this is not a dictatorship but one that values everyones opinion which I believe is a huge reason why we have never lost a black belt except one who unfortunately had to move hundred of kilometers away for work. We look after our people and they look after us.

It’s unfortunate that we haven’t been able to take on any new young student since January 2017 but know that when a spot opens up, it’s filled rather quickly by someone on the waiting list. Should you not be able to wait for a Blue JJ spot, I encourage you to attend another Martial Arts studio as when you look around you’ll start to appreciate and want what we offer.

As for adult students, things are always a little different. They’re different because I look at adult students as up and coming instructors. Adults are always considered for students but have to be the right fit for the club. I’ve written in the past about how a student needs to find the right club for them but that the club also needs to find the right students. In the past, potential adult students have been shown the exit door as they were not the right fit for our club. Our instructors have a very heavy influence of law enforcement and will not take on an experienced adult student if there is a risk to kids although I can’t speak for other clubs. Always be aware of whom is teaching your children.

I end in saying that yes, sometimes, we have a waiting list but that only makes us a better club. If interested in being added to that list, please click “here“. For adults interested in becoming a student of Blue JJ, please click “here“. As usual please click on any of the links on this website for more information with regards to Blue JJ. Cheers…

Sensei Bill