Blue JJ’s seventh Black Belt, wow!

Al joined our small club in November of 2011. Since that time, he has trained consistently and dedicating himself to the philosophies of Blue Jiu Jitsu. On May 26th 2018, he was finally awarded his Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu. Six and a half long years of sweat and hard work has gone into his accomplishment. I’ve witnessed a man start by knowing little and using mostly strength to one that has become technical always thinking to improve his technique.

Black Belt gradings are becoming harder and harder to achieve but yet somehow Blue has created 7 of these instructors. My goal as a young Sensei was to pass on my knowledge and bring a couple of students up to that level. To have such a high number of dedicated students that stick with it is nothing short of amazing and a testament of the training that is being taught by all the black belts at Blue JJ.

The key to our success is no secret. It’s something that you’ll see all over our website. That being, we are a club and not a business out for profits. When the greed of making money takes priority, a club starts to lose students. We at Blue JJ look after each other. After that a black belt is only a white belt who hasn’t quit. It’s really quite a simple process as long as you keep yourself in check.

As Blue’s 7th black belt, Al has transitioned into his next stage of martial arts. Congratulations Al from everyone at Blue JJ on your great achievement.