Summer of 2018

We are now looking to our Summer Program with the beautiful weather upon us. The staff at Blue JJ have, in the past, taken to the outdoors over the summer. The summer program was arranged by Kohai Jay, which we thank, and we recommend any questions of it be sent to him Kohai Jay

For those looking to add themselves or their children to the waiting list, please do so through the links on the website or click here. The list is growing quite large and students are definitely chosen through these links. Some parents are looking to add their children to the list before the minimum age of 8 which is alright (actually probably preferred considering the length of the list). Also please explain why you or your child is the best fit for our program in the “waiting list link” as it definitely does has an impact on our choice of who’s up next….

The summer program is a combination of our Spring/Winter sessions and the basement group. It allows instructors to identify new an upcoming students that wish to become instructors. The training is concentrated on standup fighting due to limited mat space. Again, any questions in regards to the summer program should be directed to Kohai Jay.