See News Blog for details on our new Outdoor Summer Program!

Blue Jiu Jitsu was started many years ago when students no longer wanted to travel to Barrie to practice Jiu Jitsu. Seeing there were no clubs in the Midland area, the decision was made to start Blue Jiu Jitsu. Since that time Blue Jiu Jitsu, has been arguably, the best martial arts training in the Midland area. In the beginning only adults were taken on as students and in limited numbers, at that, due to limited mat space. Several years ago, Blue Jiu Jitsu has decided to teach kids and teens. Mostly because it was time for our own kids to learn Jiu Jitsu. We are running our programs out of the well equipped gymnastics club in Midland. This facility boasts 7200 sq feet of space, large change rooms, and a very large parent viewing loft. See the dojo location link for more details.

The gymnastics club is a busy facility and unfortunately the only evening available to us is Sunday evening. At first the thought of Sunday evenings wasn’t appealing to the club but with further thought it only makes sense. Families are back at home from weekend activities ready for the school week. Having classes at the end of the weekend also gives students the whole weekend to complete their homework and have fun. When classes are taught on weekdays, things become busy with work, supper, jiu jitsu class and homework filled in there sometime before bed. As parents, we know how busy a family schedule becomes. We are hoping that teaching on Sunday will alleviate many of those issues.

Sensei Bill, is the senior instructor of Blue Jiu Jitsu, having been taught his skills, early on, from his instructor Sensei Keith Gill. Sensei Keith has a background in Jiu Jitsu, Judo and boxing which has heavily influenced the training that Blue Jiu Jitsu offers. Along the way, Blue Jiu Jitsu has been lucky enough to have had heavy influence from others such as Sensei Gary Pilon (Pro Spar Martial Arts – stand up Jiu Jitsu), Sensei Bob (who has a Judo, karate & boxing background), Sensei Steve (who has a background in wrestling), Sensei Pete (who has a background in Jiu Jitsu and Kick boxing), Sensei Kevin, Sempai Alex (who are both very experienced wrestlers) and lastly all other Blue Jiu Jitsu students and visiting instructors who have progressed through their training and have learnt the ability to advance the skill of others. It was all of those instructors/students, who have helped evolved Blue Jiu Jitsu to where it is today.

We also hope that you consider our program and come out to see what sets us apart for the rest.