A little about us

Our Waiting List can be found here

Our youth program is taught on Sunday evening from 6 pm – 7:30pm. Throughout the program, a solid grasp of the basic building blocks are taught to our practitioners. They learn proper stance, punches, kicks, takedowns, arm bars, arm entanglements, chokes and hold downs on the ground. This program is also designed to put the “kids” through their paces. The students will learn and practice until it becomes reactive. Our belief is to prepare a student for real life situations and not just tournament fighting. See “Sport Jiu Jitsu vs Street Jiu Jitsu” online.

This is but one reason why we do not support or encourage tournaments. In training for tournaments, it forces a student to train for points rather than effective techniques. All one has to do is watch the bad habits done by tournament fighters only because of their training for points. It is a systemic problem for all martial arts. The second problem with tournament training is that a student can be victorious in one tournament and not even place in the second. This is a detriment to their confidence which contradicts what martial arts is intended to do to their self esteem. Tournaments do have some benefits but our club believes that the cons out way the pros therefore our views discourage it. For those interested in tournaments, there are many available but Blue Jiu Jitsu will not “gear up” your child for point fighting.

Our belt system is the kyu and dan system. Jiu Jitsu students cannot obtain their first dan until 16 yrs of age. A first dan is a first degree black belt and not a junior coloured belt.

We continually adjust our program to meet our core values. We believe in taking the best that each martial arts has to offer and incorporate it in our curriculum. Who better to learn punches from than a boxer. Who better to learn grappling from than a BJJ expert. Who is better than a Judo practitioner at throws. Think of it as a complete compilation of martial art techniques where as most clubs concentrate on only one or two aspects of martial arts. There is much to learn, why stop with just one aspect. There is a lifetime of learning awaiting each one of us.

Our way of thinking is that one has to become proficient in all aspects of techniques to be a well rounded fighter. We all push ourselves to our own limit while respecting the fact that we each have to get up in the morning and go to work. This is not a class for UFC wannabes, looking for training dummies. We are a group of people that enjoy to train together and advance our skills on the mat.

The only thing that has changed in 14 years is the length of our waiting list not our teaching method………..Sensei Bill

Our Adult Program is taught on Tuesday nights. Throughout this program, students are taught all aspects of martial arts. We continue our approach of learning the best of what each martial art has to offer. Students from the adult program are also encouraged to participate in the youth program where their skills are further enhanced by teaching. We at Blue JJ have always had a firm belief that the best way to learn is to teach and what better way to give back than to teach another student. Our Adult Program is also limited in numbers due to space in the dojo. Rarely do we take on a new student but when we do we normally go to our lengthy waiting list for new potential students. Contact Sensei Bill for more details.