Dojo Rules

Dojo Rules


This is the training area and should always be treated with respect.
No shoes on the mat or in the Dojo unless they are wrestling or boxing shoes.
A standing bow should be done upon entering and leaving the mat area.
Unless you are practising a technique, you should be standing, sitting cross legged or kneeling.
No food, drink (other than water), candy or gum allowed on the mat.
Set up and take down equipment.
Help keep the Dojo clean.


The Gi is part of tradition and must be clean, neat and in good repair.
The Gi should always be worn with proper rank.
Beginners may participate without a Gi, but must wear loose fitting clothing without buttons or zippers.
Finger and toe nails must be kept trimmed.
Personal hygiene should be a priority.
No jewellery shall be worn unless covered by tape.
Fighting shorts and t-shirts without buttons or zippers are acceptable when permitted by the Sensei.


Instructors of any rank should always be treated with respect.
No chit chat, yawning or horseplay.
Always put your partner’s safety ahead of your own.
Begin and end each practise with a partner by bowing to each other.
Always be on time for your classes.
Inform your Sensei of any injuries you have before the class starts and any injury you may receive during a class.
Never misuse your Martial Arts knowledge, inside or outside the Dojo.