Program Descriptions

Our Sunday Class

Our Sunday class is where everyone begins. Young or Old, Big & Small, it doesn’t matter. The key to our success is the high instructor to student ratio. One of our core building blocks has always been that if we keep the number of students low they will have more individual attention.

Our Sunday program offers classes for students aged 8 years and older but please know that programs fill up before they even begin. Sometimes we don’t even take a new student due to everyone returning. Being on the waiting list is about the only way to get in these days….

We make attempts to pair up students of similar age, size and skill. Students are taught stand up skills, takedowns, throws and grappling techniques. For more info on this popular program please contact us here.
For an idea of what the Sunday class looks like in 2017 click here
For an idea of what the Sunday class looks like in 2013 click here
Things haven’t really changed……… Low student to instructor is the key and always will be……..

We take on new students when spots become available. To be placed on our waiting list, please click here. This is where we go to invite new students to our program.

The Basement

The Basement is where the instructors get to play. They’re taught and then try to perfect their skills in order to pass them on to the other students. Any questions about the Basement can be made here.

Blue Kali

The Kali program is Sensei Steve’s brainchild. The program has developed as a means to keep senior students interested and engaged. Without any Kali Escrima programs in the area, Sensei Steve has travelled the continent learning this stick and knife fighting style. He has then passed on what he has learnt from his stick training with others. Inquiries to this program can be made here.